Sunday, October 4, 2009

Little by little...

I was clay,
Shaped according to your words
To your way
To you...

I was roaming,
Enjoying my freedom of thought
My road

But you're breaking me
Little by little,
Piece by piece,
Like I'm some sort of glass doll
Clear, transparent,
Reflecting my thoughts,
Whose had always been covered by my actions...

Always played safe,
Even when it seemed that I was risking it all...

Always gave my trust
Like an unlimited source of water
My patience seem eternal as well
Until I find it as a mortal thing
Ready to die, swiftly in an instant
Until I find you
Who made sure I'd find my limits
My buttons, ready to be pushed
To their own limit

My fears made me clear
My words made me eloquent
My mind made me who I am
Until I find you...

You destroyed most of my attention
You broke most of my thinking
You killed me and you're still doing it
Little by little...
Piece by piece...
You let me know a wrathful 神
A 神 I've never seen before
A 神 I don't want to see ever again...


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