Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Kaijuu no shikou
(pensamentos de um monstro)

I’m listening to my head
It’s ready to explode
I’m calm, feeling the pain in me
Wanna relax, wanna control
No more I want to be a fool

Thinking of happy moments
Recalling upon everything that gave me joy
I listen, I see, I wonder
The world walks forward in front of me
I stick in my corner

Drink up the sweet tears of my heart
While I release my pain
Making all my sorrows free
Like roaming monsters in this world
Ruling my feelings and my mind

I wanna do magic
Enchanting things away
Turning sweet things sour
And bitter ones into nothing
As the moonlight grows stronger

Making me stronger
Making me a dreamer
Dreaming away realities
That just won’t stay
In my world of dreams

I look into the dark
I wonder, I pray
I fall into nothingness
Breaking thoughts and feelings
And meditating as I float

Arguing with myself
Beating me all up
I can’t decide anything
Almost screwing things up
And up it goes, until I forget

Forgiving, forgetting
Forgotten, I got them
In me I have them
My deceiving eyes in which I trust the most
My words are illusions in which no one can trust

I pray to God, I pray to the devil
Waiting for answers to questions unasked
Despairing for things I’ll never get
Acting like others expect me to be
Being the self the others wanna see…

Didacus, 2 & 3 de Março 2007

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