Sunday, April 8, 2007

Guide me please…

Locked between worlds
An uncertainty covers me
My mouth is full, stuffed with words
That just won’t break free

Abandoned in a corridor
Between reality and fantasy
A cruel, but honest truth
And a funny lie that attracts me

An ugly, but faithful witch
An angel with fake wings
One with raw truth to teach
Other with enchanting lies as it seems

Both offer their hands to help
Both confusing and charming
I don’t know what I felt
I don’t even know who I was choosing

Feeling a warm touch
Followed by a brutal impact
I acknowledge true reality
Funny, dangerous, but funny…
And always correct…

Didacus, 1 de Abril 2007


Anonymous said...

E que tal escreveres em Português?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

É... eu estou de acordo...
Nós os incultos ficamos a nora.